Do you suspect a bed bug infestation in your house? You aren’t alone. Bed bugs in Antelope have been increasing lately and we’ve received numerous calls for help to get rid of them.

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Take Immediate Action Against Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t something that you can completely remove on your own. They are very small insects that feed on all kinds of animals and also people. Their bodies are normally very flat and oval-shaped and they are brownish in color. Because the adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, many times the eggs won’t even be discovered due to their tiny size.

Bed Bug Discovery

People aren’t often aware of bed bugs by actually noticing the bugs themselves; rather, they discover blood spots on their sheets or the seams of their mattresses. They may also find bed bugs in cracks or holes of the bed frame and furniture surrounding the bed. These creatures won’t create nests but they hide in small crevices. Look around your mattress seams, box springs, bed frame and headboard for more signs of bed bugs.

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Bed Bug Locations

They get their name because they are most often found in beds, however, bed bugs can move to any location infesting other furniture and rooms. If you discover what looks to be a bed bug in your favorite chair don’t assume it isn’t a bed bug. Call our bed bug control experts to help you determine if it is in fact a bed bug and to come inspect your home for an estimate.

Physical Signs of Bed Bugs in  Antelope, CA

In addition to discovering blood or fecal spots on your bedding or furniture, you might also suspect bed bugs if you wake up with small bites on your body. Even more so if you see the bites are increasing each time you get up from bed.

Bed bugs feed on your blood while you are sleeping. You might ask, “Why can’t I feel it?” Bed bugs inject their saliva when using their stylet to pierce your skin. This saliva actually numbs the skin so that you cannot feel them biting into you. Therefore they feed and crawl away undetected when finished. You awake with small red bumps, most likely itchy, that may even turn into welts. Luckily, bed bugs do not carry diseases but they are a huge nuisance.

Bed Bug Control in Antelope, CA

Our experts at Pest & Rodent Control in Antelope can take care of your bed bug problem for you. Bed bugs can only be confirmed by actually locating the insects and identifying them. We will help you confirm a case of bed bugs in your home and educate you on what to do prior to treatment and how to prevent them in the future.

Give us a call at 916-520-8373 today to learn more about our bed bug control options and consider asking about our preventative treatment plans for homes.

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