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Having pests in your home is something nobody should have to suffer through. If you’ve discovered rodents, termites, roaches, ant infestations or any other sort of pest, give our residential pest control experts a call right now!

expert service pest control company
expert service pest control

Protect Your Antelope Home From Pests

We take protecting the residents of Antelope from potentially harmful pests, including disease-carrying pests, very seriously. Many times when we discover an insect problem in our home, our first instinct is to take care of it ourselves. We go buy products that only work temporarily, if at all, and end up more frustrated than pest-free.

Save time and money by calling our residential pest control pros at the first obvious clue of an insect problem. Whether it’s ants, spiders, roaches, bed bugs or another aggravating pest, we can help out.

Control & Prevent Unwanted Pests

Certain pests can destroy your property. Such as rodents. Rats and mice will chew through just about anything if they believe that food is on the other side. This includes cables and wires. They also tend to build large nests for their families and will use any material they can find to construct it, including papers and valuables.

Most people realize they have a pest infestation when they see the actual pest or damage caused by the pest. Rodents will leave feces in their path, bed bugs will leave fecal or blood spots on sheets, termites will damage wood, and many other insects may even leave behind bite marks and welts on your body.

expert service pest control company
expert service pest control

Phone Our Residential Pest Exterminators at (916) 520-8373 Today!

The best way to prevent a pest problem in your home is to have regular pest control maintenance. Our team at Pest & Rodent Control in Antelope offers superior preventative treatments that you can choose to have done monthly, quarterly or annually. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to help you and answer your questions to come up with a solution for your pest problem.

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